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DigitalMiraj (Formally known as Digital Marketing by Axault) powers hundreds of online digital presences and drives traffic to them. We are an All-in-One digital marketing company. So, we know what works and what doesn’t work more than any other digital marketing agency

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it is a hell of a simple theory!

Social Media Marketing

Managing social networks from a performance and results perspective

E-mail Marketing

Send emails to prospects and customers that influence them to take action.

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Search Engine Optimization

More than 67% of Internet users click on the top 5 organic search engine results.

Sms Marketing

The high opening rate and the high interaction rate of SMS


Digital marketing not only increases your sales, but it also creates a long-lasting customer base.

With our practice of digital marketing, Methode lets us increase our sales and build our own customer base. Email campaigns, CRM organic search engines, and social media are some of the practices of the results. Don’t worry, we can teach you.


Time & Effort with the Axault DMS​ Marketing Professionals

We are not just Digital marketing expert, we are a part of well-known IT Solution company. Digital marketing not only increases your sales, it also creates a long-lasting customer base.

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Why do we need SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is mandatory,Mandatory here is not to force users to buy, but to force users to read. in general, if there is no problem


Characteristics of a good SMS campaign?

when we carry out SMS marketing, we need to spend time preparing for the SMS marketing copywriting, SMS marketing content should not be too long,