Why shouldn’t you cheat to Search Engin Optimization?

SEO is not cheating, the premise of cheating is spam, and it is to get a good ranking by looking for loopholes in search engines. Here are a few types of behaviors that will be treated as cheats by search engines: The first type of way that is considered cheating by several major search engines is shadow websites. It’s that the website under the two domains is the same, and they will treat one of them as a cheat. The second is to hide text. In 2002, many people used the industry name as “Ghost Shadow Dafa”, for example, if the background of the page is white, you put a lot of white words in the web page. The third is keyword accumulation, that is, the density of keywords in the web page is too high. The fourth is the connection factory, which is to use hundreds of websites at the same time in batches.

Another is that there are irrelevant keywords on the web page, there are many cheating methods, once the search engine thinks that you are cheating, it will block your web page. Once it is blocked, it is finished, and you can only change the domain name. Therefore, everyone should not cheat when doing SEO, and build an excellent website according to the standards of search engines, so that it will naturally get a good ranking.

After many professional SEO research institutions have investigated, it has been found that when users use search engines to find data, products or services, most people usually only click on the first few links in the search results, so most websites hope to try to influence the ranking of website pages in search through many ways or means. However, the search engine’s algorithm will continue to update, and the ranking of the website will be turbulent, so if you do not continue to do a decent job of SEO, the ranking will soon fall.


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