How do we search engine optimization?

  1. Choose the right keywordGoogle is Sri Lanka’s main search service provider. The choice of Google SEO keywords is important, and it directly affects the effectiveness of optimization. Therefore, according to the optimization of google search engine, the keywords and traffic of search engines can be analyzed in detail, to achieve the purpose of optimizing website traffic.
  2. Do a good job of internal linksinternal links can help guide visitors to other pages in your site and can also help build site navigation. Therefore, you can link internal links to their related content pages.
  3. Do an excellent job of contentGoogle SEO needs to do an excellent job in content, so that the content can attract users to click and view. therefore, it is necessary to regularly update the original high-quality content, increase their own opinions, and bring different opinions to users, which can not only improve the user’s access rate to the website, but also improve the ranking of the website, while increasing the popularity of users.
  4. Pay attention to user experienceGoogle SEO needs to pay attention to user experience, so it needs to use a stable server, often detect the opening speed of website pages, maintain a smooth opening speed, and improve the user experience.
  5. Do a good job in the construction of external linksThe construction of the chain is an important work of google SEO , so google SEO can exchange links with websites with higher weights, thereby improving the weight ranking of websites.


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