Industry perspective of Social Media Marketing

Noun controversy
molecular interaction was initially quite reluctant to directly add marketing after the name of the channel platform because it seemed that anything could be added to the marketing two words, and i was afraid that one day there would be pole marketing and roadside marketing. Although there are no major obstacles in communication for the time being, the name of the specification is still necessary, and rigorous naming will help to develop more scientifically in this field.

Platform selection
if you can also rely on independent social media platforms to make a big impact in the early days, then as the marketing communication value of the platform is rapidly mined, the attention of the relative unit audience is constantly diluted and dispersed, so the big impact on social media comes from the integration of offline and online channels, that is, the actions of offline or other online channels cause communication and discussion on social media.

The importance of creativity
For general brands, it is more difficult to do content, and the amount of daily content required by corporate social media ID to maintain activity is more, so it is more necessary to be creative to integrate content, so that conventional content can be as interesting, relevant, and valuable as possible. In addition to the regular content, the requirements for creativity of Doing Campaign have been raised to a higher level. Campaign gameplay, topic detonation, copywriting, visual presentation, and many other sections are all creative-driven work.

Media tipping point
One of the characteristics of social media itself is that it weakens the “point-to-point” communication model and replaces it with “peer-to-peer” and “point-to-piece”. this has caused a problem for marketers, in the case of their own account resources are not strong enough, how to spread a large amount of content. because even very high-quality content, or viral content with big idea, if the first-level transmission cannot reach a critical value, it will not be able to detonate the independent transmission of the audience.


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