E-mail Marketing


E-Mail Marketing Campaign and Bulk Sending

mailchimp / sendinblue / mailaltert

It lets us send bulk emails with tracking, and create beautiful email templates, etc.

Send emails to prospects and customers that influence them to take action.

The work of the Marketing professional does not end with the “Send” button! After sending emails to your contacts, you should review the metrics that are of interest to you.

what is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a network marketing means to deliver valuable information to target users by e-mail under the premise of the user’s prior permission. Email marketing is a direct selling method that leverages email to communicate business with your audience’s customers. At the same time, it is also widely used in the field of network marketing. Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing techniques, and it can be said that email marketing is older than most website promotion and online marketing methods.

E-mail Marketing
Transactional AED 0.05 | Promotional AED 0.1/-, min 2000 E-mails

it is well understood that e-mail marketing is to put marketing content in advance, including the advantages and characteristics of products or services, and then collect and organize the e-mail addresses of potential user groups, and then send them to their e-mails in steps, types, and times, to achieve the purpose of publicity and sales.

Why you should do Email Marketing

The benefits of Email Marketing A user comes to your site, it may be looking for information, it may be wanting to buy something, it may be spending time together.

The percentage of people who generate sales the first time they come to your site is exceptionally low. Users must see your site multiple times, get familiar with it, and develop a sense of trust to easily buy something from your site or do whatever action you want him to do.

If most users come to your site without buying anything, they will leave and leave, and the chances of coming to your site again are exceptionally low.

Getting people to leave email addresses is the best way to remind them of your presence.

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka have also done hundred of this kind of marketing methods before, the price is low, but compared to other types of marketing methods, the open rate of the email is low, of course, and the quality of the mailbox, the attractiveness of the content is also closely related which Axault team can help you. as well as the properties and labels of several types of mailboxes.

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How to run a high conversion email campaign?

Collect mailboxes in the past, the customer agreed electronic marketing, because in the early stage, there are special people and customers to communicate, the user