How to run a high conversion email campaign?

  1. Collect mailboxes
    in the past, the customer agreed electronic marketing, because in the early stage, there are special people and customers to communicate, the user is interested, or it is inconvenient to interview, call situation, we can send it to the customer in the form of email.
  2. Send an email
    This step is quite simple, that is, according to the various properties of the mailbox to send e-mail, the different content materials can be sent to the corresponding attribute mailbox. it can be sent instantly or at a time.
  3. Data analysis
    after sending the email, analyze the data of each time node, such as what kind of attributes we send the mailbox, how many messages were sent, how the mailbox open rate, how the user click rate and so on, we need to analyze and further filter, in the optimization of the mailbox and email content, etc., so as to slowly improve the mailbox open rate and click rate, as well as consulting, registration, volume and other goals.


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