Why is email marketing still important?

The growth of the internet in Sri Lanka has led to an increase in the number of email accounts, which has in turn resulted in a significant rise in the number of email users. The ability to save and retain messages makes email a valuable tool for digital marketing in Sri Lanka, and thus email marketing has become a popular and effective strategy for Sri Lankan businesses

  1. Low cost
    Because e-mail is generally free, such as Gmail, mobile  etc., and whether there is the internet or not, can be sent to each other’s e-mail, users can view it conveniently, some mail can be permanently saved, and the space occupied is also small, and now the EDM(Electronic Direct Mail) system on the market, generally that is, 1 dollar can send hundreds of thousands of emails, favored by business owners.
  2. High efficiency
    High efficiency this is beyond doubt, email is different from other types of marketing promotion, there must be a network to promote, users have network skills to see, no network cannot see, and other marketing methods are more complicated than email marketing. Email marketing only needs to write useful content materials, by region, by age, by classification, by time can directly book the sending time, and can also be sent anytime and anywhere, without affecting the user to receive and consult.
  3. High precision
    High precision refers to the fact that the EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) marketing system now adds various tags and attributes to all emails. companies can simply select an email address that corresponds to the attributes of their products and services to send directly to them. say goodbye to the previous “needle in a haystack” marketing methods and methods.


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